Liberals & Libertarians are really not as different as you think. First, they share the root word Liberty.

By on December 10, 2014
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What if instead of a citizenry divided amongst political party lines, race, socio-economic status; we had a united front of concerned citizens standing together to face the challenges that meet our ever changing world?

What if instead of blaming The Koch Brothers or President Obama; we had a united citizenry standing up in unison to The Kochs and Obama (and Bush, Clinton and Reagan)?

At the moment these ideas are a pipe dream. Our country is once again as divided as ever on almost every conceivable line in the sand. What are our real differences? What if the Liberals (Progressives) and Libertarians quit pointing at each other, and actually stood together on the most common basic human dignities. What if instead of looking for what separates us, we looked at what unifies us? Just the words Liberal and Libertarian alone should be a unifying factor. Both words share the root word “Liberty”.

the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.
“compulsory retirement would interfere with individual liberty”
synonyms: independence, freedom, autonomy, sovereignty, self-government, self-rule, self-determination

What if these 10 Groups all stood together against organized systematic oppression:
1. Liberals / Progressives
2. Libertarians / Patriots / Constitutionalists
3. March Against Monsanto
4. Occupy
5. Tea Party
6. Black Community
7. Local Farmers / Business Owners
8. Local City / County / State Governemnts
9. Unions
10. Minorities groups of all kinds

The biggest argument I hear from Liberals is that they don’t like libertarian ideals because they care about social services. The biggest myth about libertarianism is that they want to eliminate social services altogether. This is SIMPLY untrue. Every libertarian I know is a compassionate human with respect for other life, and most certainly believe in community services to assist the down trodden. What libertarians don’t believe in is an all powerful state that has a monopoly on violence to impose the laws of a few upon the unwilling masses. These two are not the same thing.

The biggest argument I hear against the liberal / progressive agenda is that it makes the state more powerful and therefore strips individuals of the rights codified in our constitution. Eric Garner stands as a perfect example of this. Eric Garner, the man recently choked to death by police for selling untaxed cigarettes, is the perfect not living not breathing example of an all powerful state that is legally empowered to use lethal force against citizens for not blindly accepting that to simply exist you owe the government money. Eric Garner has kids in college. Is it against the law for him to try to find a way to help pay for children’s college without government regulation. The answer is yes it is against the law for him to do that. Not only is it against the law; the law is empowered with the right to choke him to death for such a violation (this has been reassured by a grand jury). So, what if people begin to take a stance against The Affordable Health Care Act? Does the government have the right to come to your home and choke you to death if you resist in anyway? The answer is yes. In The AHC the IRS has been appointed the debt collection division of The AHC requirements. Next year if you say, “I am objecting on religious grounds to being part of a mandated health care system which enforces policies that are against my personal non-violent beliefs.” Then it is possible an IRS agent will come to your home or business fully armed and if you say, “NO, I will not comply with your demands to be arrested.” then that agent of the state has the right to choke you to death. This precedence has been set in the case of Eric Garner vs. NY. What if a right wing republican majority mandated a law that homosexuality was against the law or women were no longer treated as equals (such as in places like Saudi Arabia), and the enforcement division of their respective courts came to enforce this upon you. If you choose non-compliance (not violent resistance) then you could be choked to death legally. This is the slippery slope that we have created with the idea of a Progressive agenda.

The goal of both parties is to hold true the ideal that individuals are protected from tyrannical governments’ overreach, and ensure that all humans are not obstructed from the basic fundamental rights such as freedom of religion, food, shelter and access to resources. Essentially, the very basic principles of Liberty. In conclusion, what can unify these two and every other splintered fragment of American society around the basic principles of Liberty (Lib-eral & Lib-ertarian). When we see that the enemies of freedom, liberty and economic justice are not the other people but the corporations and politicians then the truth will begin to set us free.

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  1. Joe

    August 28, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Mike. These are all grand ideas within the hope for peace these days. The honest slap in the face is it isn’t going to happen. Sanders is spot on….to a society that is ready for him. His ideas don’t work yet. You need to realize that we need some hard asses to occupy the White House and do some major damage control. Hard asses need to clear a spot for someone like Bernie Sanders. Now is not his time. We would crumble under him. He’s a socialist. Fine line between that and communism. Obama has done terrible things to this country. He’s a god damned Marxist and is following the Cloward & Piven model to a T. Mike, liberalism is the real time destruction of this country. Political correctness is attached. Liberals have lost their sense of direction and common sense. Everything is a grievance and getting a word in is impossible. Libs preach hate.. We live in the age of the “low information” voter. As it is, libs are the most uninformed. They don’t know shit about shit. Mike, you have the soap box. The soap box requires responsibility. Use it wisely. America isn’t ready for Bernie Sanders ideas yet. America needs a hard ass at the helm to save it. Sanders’ ideas are utopian and we’re far from that. If you want to keep pushing what cannot be……It’s a free country amongst the laughter.