Why Libertarians and The Liberty Movement Should Support Bernie Sanders. Unity of The People Is The Goal And Bernie Sanders Is Our Candidate.

By on November 19, 2015


First off, I am not a CONSERVATIVE. To be a conservative means you believe in conserving the status quo of how our nation was built. To conserve colonialism to me is self inflicting in nature. The Western and European colonialism has probably been responsible for more murder and genocide on the planet than any other specific group of people. The European powers that took this land by violent force and built it off of slave labor is not something I want to help conserve in anyway.
By nature that makes me a PROGRESSIVE.  To be a progressive means you believe in helping the progress of the human race to evolve into a more tolerant, caring, and open society where the raw needs of all citizens get taken care of vs. the rich getting taken care of and the rest fend for the leftovers. That being said I am not a LIBERAL in the modern context of the word. I am a believer in Life, Love and Liberty. Which makes me a Liberal Libertarian. Both words draw from the same root word “Liberty”. As I have grown as a person I am also beginning to be a believer in Voluntarism and Real Anarchism. Much like the word communist, terrorist, socialist, and extremist the words Libertarian and Anarchy have been manipulated to invoke a response, and therefore can easily be used as a tool for divide and conquer. I try to keep my mind open above labels and look at people’s and organizations actions. As Jesus said, “You will know the tree by it’s fruit”.
On the issue of us being a republic, I am very aware that we are a Republic. We are in fact a democratic republic with a Representative government. That means in theory we’re an independent republic, but when you actualize that into action we become a Democracy by nature. A democracy being the social actions of a Democratic Republic with a representative government. Whether you like it or not we have a system of rules and laws. If you think our idealism will change that then they have a nice locked room for your naive ideal little ass to sit in. Next time you go to court scream this is a republic and see what you get. I think you’ll get a lesson in reality.
Which is my main point of why, what and how I believe we will progress as a race, or we can follow History’s lead and be like China, Greece, Rome, France, Spain, and Britain.
To my fellow Libertarians and Liberty minded people: The reality is we are losing the public battle for the minds of America. We can sit here and FB and preach to the choir about Republics, The Constitution, Natural Rights and Liberty but if we can never actualize it then it is basically mental masturbation. It feels great and it’s easy, but you can’t produce anything. I am looking to help be part of producing a fair honest society that upholds our natural rights coded in the constitution without exception. I no longer believe that that will come from any liberty group without a violent revolution, which is what I DO NOT WANT. It will literally be hell on Earth. It won’t be the first time, and I’m not afraid to die defending the free and true nature of our beautiful (though often manipulated) country. Mostly, I’m not a statist who believes that the government should be the all powerful force of the world. I’m also not a naive person who believes that anything other than raw violence is what brought us freedom to begin with. I am a “Walk softly and carry a big stick” believer in the use of violence. Don’t mistake our kindness for weakness, and believe me they don’t. In fact we are the only country to drop an atomic bomb on two entire cities. So, don’t fall for the idea that we should be scared of Isis. We have long proved that make no mistake about it, we will blow our enemies off the face of the Earth. With grave power comes grave responsibility.
On Isis: The fear propagated through our media is illogical and insane. The main reason is that the biggest militia in the world is the legal gun owners of America. Isis couldn’t take Muncie, IN if we gave them a running start. Let alone actually take on The American People, American Military, National Guard, State, Local and Sheriff’s Police forces. The idea we should be afraid is 100% propaganda. Do a little research and you can easily follow the financial trail of Isis to the west and our middle eastern allies.
TRUMP: I dislike Donald Trump because he in no way represents the American Idealism of Liberty and Freedom for all. Other than not being a politician and being a prosperous business man there is nothing redeeming about him or his presidency. He doesn’t have a plan that I can see, he has an opportunity and can talk to the pain points people feel. The pain points people feel are a real economic crisis for the American Middle Class which was enacted through the passing of NAFTA and the absolute bottoming out of the American Economy as Globalization set in thanks to Nafta. NAFTA was sold to the American people as something that would grow our economy and create jobs. 20 Years later is undeniable that NAFTA has cost American millions of jobs. One other major pain point is the fear of the open border in the south that we share with Mexico and the belief that ISIS / Muslims are coming to kill us. Much more dangerous than ISIS are the South American Gangs that run the drug trade. In Muncie, IN where I’m from there are literally young girls who have gotten into the heroin scene, and turned up with THEIR HANDS AND HEADS cut off! This happened in Delaware county in the last two years. This is why people want security. This is real. That still doesn’t make Donald Trump a good candidate to run this country. If running this company like a corporation will fix our problems then why didn’t Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. or George Bush Jr. fix any of our problems? In the end I personally believe Trumps only role in this election was to distract from the inevitable BUSH / CLINTON show down. That’s what we need to be afraid of is the idea that after The Middle East, Nafta and The Economic Crisis of 2008 we could still possibly sit and see one of these traitors elected.
In conclusion why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders, and wouldn’t cast a vote for anyone else in the race except Ran Paul. I actually like most of what Ran Stands for, the same as I like MOST of what Bernie stands for. Though, there are things that Bernie stands for that I abhor. As there also things Rand stands for that I abhor.
I’m not voting for Rand Paul because it would be a vote for Hillary or Bush in actuality. Rand Paul does not have the popularity to win this primary let alone the election. And, Rand has many flaws of his own too, as does Bernie. If winning the people over to Liberty is the goal of the Liberty movement we have to change. Let me make this clear, even if you don’t believe it in your own inner circle, THE PROGRESSIVES ARE WINNING, and will continue to do so. This is reality. The Republican Conservative reign is almost over. The bad news: this will produce an all powerful state that has no admiration for individual liberty or rights. You can be right and ineffective and you might as well not have been at all. The American Indians and the Africans were right that didn’t save them or their cultures though.
Bernie: Bernie has made four basic moves that are backed up by his voting record that make me believe he could be the catalyst that leads to The Power being given back to the local communities and taken away from the corporations.
To me this makes him more libertarian than any republican candidate except Rand Paul, and Paul is not more libertarian than Sanders either.
1. He voted against the Iraq War
2. He has voted favorably for Gun Rights in his home state of VT.
3. He voted against the patriot act and the usa freedom act.
4. He believes in full Marijuana Legalization. Which when made illegal was the biggest propaganda act ever pulled off. Convincing people that GOD was wrong and that the most sustainable plant on the planet, which is capable of producing clothes, food, textiles and fuel is a criminal act. Wow. Think about that. A plant, like a corn plant made illegal to grow on your own personal property or to even possess the flower thereof.
If Libertarians want a voice at the table, then get involved in the people’s movement so we do have a voice at the table about guns, individual rights and being part of the collective decision making process then we’d better get on the right side of history. Theory and Idealism don’t rule the world, and a vote for Trump, Bush or Clinton is an absolute vote for Statism. If we get behind the people’s movement, get involved and stay involved on a local, state and national level we’ll have a voice in the change. If not, we will be the dominion of the state that we all profess to loathe.
In closing as Bernie Sanders said, Obama ran the best campaign in history and then he turned his back on the people. Bernie said, I won’t do that. Well, it’s not all Obama’s fault. In our hero worship society we thought a charismatic leader could change the world and we were naively wrong. We the people didn’t keep our end of the bargain. Get involved, get educated. Get over idealism. I know a vote is an act of slavery, but what world do you live in where there’s another choice. Violent Revolution is a choice, but the rebels would lose, period. There is no unity for a peaceful or violent revolution. I abdicate for the peaceful revolution at all costs. If the people are unified there’s no need for violence. If the people are divided violence will be of no consequence.
Get involved, Stay involved , Care:

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    Mr. Martin’s message nestled A deftly performed dissection with identifications and explanations well crafted and possibly pared back to maintain brevity and an organic thrust. Distinctions were charted and personalized with a reveal more tethered than anchored to social study tradition enveloped for interpretation of and within our country’s relativity to us and the world. The rhythm thumped to rally with passionate peace for sustainable improvement attainable by all people. The enlistment pitch was delivered with layers of enticement to push away from the table laisefaire and forge intelligently disciplined into a wave for massive overhaul including deep renewal and repurposing. The vision of victory varies but unity can sprout defending simple yet timeless truths and guides. golden rule, constitution,